Wearing Scarves with Colored Necklaces – How to build a colour continuity with your fashion accessories!


Wearing a necklace or pendant with scarf is a bit tricky if your necklace or pendant is also colorful. Its pretty simple if you have silver/gold/diamond jewelry to accompany the scarf as the single tone sparkle contrasts well with the colorful scarves.

Here, we want to show you some examples of necklaces or pendants with colored semi precious stones and a quick thumb rule to make that quick decision, without going wrong.

Situation #1: Wearing Scarf with a distinct colored pendant.

When choosing the necklace, it is best to pick a colour that is in the scarf, but not necessarily the base colour. A strong contrast always look great!

Picture 1: We chose a pendant with dark blue semi-precious stones, which is not the base colour but it is still visible in the scarf.

Blue Pendant and scarf

Floral art Silk Scarf and Sticla Prelucrata Pendant

Picture 2: Here we chose a pendant with striking red colored stone which is again present in the scarf but it is not the base colour.

Flower scarf with red green pendant

Colors in the wild Silk Scarf and Tempting Black Illusion Pendant

Picture 3: Here we chose a pendant with purple shade while the base colour of the scarf is pink, even though purple is present in the design.

Pink jewelry scarf with purple pendant

Pink Jewelry Silk Shawl and Amethyst Pendant

Situation #2: Wearing scarf with a single colour necklace.

This is definitely easier to do than the previous case. Like we shared before, pick a colour that is not the base colour in the scarf, but it should be significantly visible in the scarf.

Picture 4: Here we chose a brown colour necklace with a scarf that has black as the base colour.

Key scarf with beads pendant

Picture 5: Picture 5: Here we chose a green colour necklace with a white scarf that has many colours and we picked one that is not very common but highly visible in the scarf, which gives the contrasting look.

Green pendant with light scarf

Mystic Colours of Nature Silk Scarf with Colier Onyx Verde in Gold Filled

To sum up, pick a necklace with colour that is in your scarf but NOT the base colour. Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page @thescarfstreet