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Tempting Black Illusion Pendant

Delivery: 1 - 3 business days.

Material: Pyrite, jade, coral and cultured pearl on jewelry inox base.

Dimensions: ~7 cm in length and ~4 cm in diameter.

Contrasting colours from semi precious stones and pearls adds exquisite charm and elegance to any outfit.

Phone orders at +40 730 322 099  from Monday - Saturday between 8-18.

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1 - 3 business days
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Pyrite provides energy and confidence, enhances creativity and expression, helps discover personal talents. Stimulates, encourages, gives protection and power to succeed in life. It attracts success, affirmation, success, luck, chance. It reveals the true personality or helps to manifest one's own individuality.


Jade known as the stone of health and well-being, dream stone, longevity stone, tranquility and inner peace, because it has the role of balancing Yin energy and Yang energy. Chinese poets considered jade to be the focus of love.


The pearl is a natural jewel created by a living organism. The vast majority of pearls available are "cultured", ie pearls produced by artificially introducing the generator nucleus (the foreign object, eg sand) into the respective mollusc species cultivated and harvested on the pearl farms. 


The red coral instills bravura and strength, optimism, the ability to resist and to confront vicissitudes with self-mastery and courage. It protects by increasing vitality and confidence in its own resources. The combination of coral and jade colors, strong and vibrant colors, will give you a brave, youthful and optimistic look

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Unique jewelry for the strong, independent woman! Jewelry that brings out the feminity in you and makes you stand out.

These stones are full of color and magic. Different stones coming from different places with stories embedded in them over time and ages, light diffused through their facets, stones in which the epochs have brought color, shine and glitter. We bring you art jewelery created by an artist in love with colors.

They can be worn as unique standalone jewelery, or in balanced chromatic combinations; their unique colors are for all seasons the year and for all times of the day.

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Tempting Black Illusion Pendant
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