Corporate Gifts

    • We are an omni-channel scarf and jewelry shop in Romania with one of the largest natural silk scarf collection.
    • We offer premium, high quality accessories at the right price :–
        • 100% Natural silk scarves/shawls from renowned Italian brands – Laura Biagiotti, Marina d’Este and Mila Schon.
        • Custom designs digitally printed on 100% natural silk; manufactured in China and India.
        • 100% Cashmere and natural wool shawls from India.
        • Unique handcrafted jewelry in collaboration with Romanian jewelry designers – Scarf rings, Swarovski earrings, semi-precious pendants and bracelets.
    • We are the only fashion brand in Romania that offers colorful combinations of silk scarves with matching scarf rings. We also offer gift vouchers.
    • Our product quality can be determined by <1% return rate (even if we offer free re) and 250+ positive reviews (4.9/5.0) for our products shared on our website in past 1 year. (
    • What makes us better than our peers? [Based on our client feedback]
        • Our customer service – we make sure that our clients are satisfied; timely communication.
        • Our product presentation (gift packaging) is loved by our clients.

Our value proposition for Corporate clients :–

    • Good discounts on all available products, depending on the quantity, starting from 5 items.
    • We can apply the same discount on gift vouchers.
    • Gift packaging included. No additional charges.
    • Gift personalization at zero to nominal cost, depending on the requirement. Example – Logo embroidery on the scarf.
    • Customized greeting card printed at minimal additional cost. Any quantity.
    • Free delivery anywhere in Romania.