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What a difference a scarf makes! - Edit by Edith

Posted on4 Months ago by 293

I love to play with accessories when styling my muses, and scarves are amongst the most versatile of them all.

Wear one around your neck, waist, hips, wrist or shoulders. Wear it on your head as a bandana or headdress, or tie it around a bun or ponytail. Accessorize a hat, belt, purse or even boots with it. Tie a few scarves together and create a super colorful and sexy top, a skirt or a wrap for on the beach. Take an outfit you've worn over and over again and transform it by adding a scarf. With a few well selected scarves you can actually multiply the outfit options in your closet. A great buy for yourself as well as a cool gift idea.

I played a bit with a few scarves from Bucharest based 'The Scarf Street'. Their 100% natural silk "Scarves for Her" collection carries the signatures of designers who are specialized in creating fine and delicate pieces. Check out their full collection on: The Scarf Street

It's not just the versatility in how you can use/wear a scarf. The endless options of color and print combinations make the silk scarf such an amazing accessory. In the pictures you'll see a few ways in which I used a scarf to accessorize my outfit, but there are many, many more! The scarf rings - also from The Scarf Street - are more than just eye catching little gems. They're super practical accessories when styling with scarves.

Need style advice? A wardrobe detox? Would you like me to show you how you can make accessories like these beautiful silk scarves work for you? For information and bookings, at my Bucharest Muse Room or on location, please call, DM or email me.

Edit by Edith Muse Room, Strada Tuzla 44, Bucharest. +40751246247, [email protected]


I love to show you how beautiful you naturally are!


A colorful - and cheerful ;-) - interpretation of the classic Jaqueline Onassis look. The rings I'm wearing are scarf rings, but no reason why you can't wear those around your fingers too!

Same outfit but a noticeably different look by tying the scarf around your hair differently. In this case I've let the scarf's edges be most visible. The lighter center of the scarf would have given yet another slightly different look.

A single scarf, tied around the neck and tucked into your waistband. I used a scarf ring to create the effect at the center.

A scarf is perfect to accessorize a trench coat for a super classy and elegant look. Here, I've used a scarf ring instead of a knot.

You can create different looks, just by being playful with the way you tie the knot.

Add color to your outfit by wrapping a scarf around a bun.

The colorful scarf tied around my head this way adds just the right touch of cool femininity to the black leather rock look.

Decorating my belt with this scarf is a super easy way to give the coat a different look.

Use the scarf to add a colorful statement to the outfit. Add a bobby pin or two if you don't only want to rely on the hat to keep the scarf in place.

Same outfit. Create a different look by wearing the scarf over the wide rimmed hat instead of underneath. With a scarf you can create and change looks for the same outfit in the course of a day.

A single scarf, tied around the neck, left off shoulder and tucked into your waistband to create a top which leaves your back bare. In this case, the coat helps keep the top in place too.

With two scarves you can easily create a full top. You can take complementary or contrasting colors and prints. It's perfect for a warm summer day. Airy and the silk feels amazing on the skin!

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