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10 ways to wear a scarf for spring

Posted on10 Months ago by 128

10 ways to wear a scarf for spring

Credit: Tiutiu Alexandra Blogs

Hey! I missed writing to you here on the blog so much but I wanted to wait until we finished to implement the new image of the blog because I had a little rebranding going on lately. Today, I want to talk to you about the coolest and most versatile item for this spring, which is the scarf. I prefer the scarfs I wear especially for spring to be made of natural silk. I recently discovered The Scarf Street, an online brand and website which markets the most beautiful natural silk scarfs and I even ordered a very fresh colored one for myself, just perfect to wear for this spring. So, I strongly recommend you visit their website and take a peek. You know that every time I discover a new brand that I like, I want to give you the chance to thy their products, so I will organize a giveaway in collaboration with The Scarf Street where you can win a 200 lei shopping voucher for their website. You can find the Giveaway HERE at 7 PM and you can find the scarf that I am wearing HERE.



And now, as you already guessed from the title, I will show you “10 ways to wear a scarf for spring“.  I hope my suggestions will inspire as much creativity.


1. Tied in a ponytail



2. Tied to a hat



3. Tied around the neck in a triangle shape



4. Tied as a top



5. Wrapped around the handle of your bag



6. Tied with a belt



7. Tied like a ribbon



8. Tied like a belt



9. Tied around the waist



10. Tied around the bun


Photo Credits: Razvan Savu Photographer

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