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What a difference a scarf makes! - Edit by Edith

byEdith 223 3 Months ago
I love to play with accessories when styling my muses, and scarves are amongst the most versatile of them all.
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101 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for women in 30s and 40s

byThe Scarf Street Team 131 6 Months ago
First 20 fashion tips to kick off the new year in style!
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The Art of Fashion!

byThe Scarf Street Team 97 8 Months ago
The Scarf Street recommends... Fashion stylist Irina Markovits
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10 ways to wear a scarf for spring

byTiutiu Alexandra 97 9 Months ago
10 ways to wear a scarf for spring Credit: Tiutiu Alexandra Blogs
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Buyers guide for winter scarves

byThe Scarf Street Team 127 9 Months ago
Winter is almost here! And unlike most other things in life, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to your warm, cosy winter wrap or shawl.
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Match your Scarf with Colored Necklaces

byThe Scarf Street Team 100 10 Months ago
Wearing Scarves with Colored Necklaces – How to build a colour continuity with your fashion accessories! DON’T MATCH COLORS, EXTEND THEM!
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Wear your stylish scarf with a ring!

byThe Scarf Street Team 113 10 Months ago
Scarf rings are an elegant way to keep your silk scarves in place and also add to the look. Its definitely not a common accessory used by many, and that’s what makes it more special. It is bound to get noticed in a...
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Silly Twilly! Make a stylish statement

byThe Scarf Street Team 90 10 Months ago
We venture to show you some interesting ideas about how to wear these stylish twilly scarves!
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Style your look

byThe Scarf Street Team 71 11 Months ago
What pendants or necklaces go with a V-shape neckline dress?
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Silk scarves are costlier than a dress!

byThe Scarf Street Team 84 1 Year ago
We keep hearing from our friends that how can they buy silk scarves that are more expensive than dresses. We understand your point but lets look at a few details before arriving at any conclusion.
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